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Beating a drug test is a different goal than getting cannabis out of your system if you use THC edibles and cartridges. Clearing the body of THC and its metabolites is challenging when the requirement to pass a drug test appears on such short notice. As a result, the goal is to simply conceal or conceal any evidence of its presence. What does this actually entail? Detoxification is the only proven way to eliminate THC from your system.

A detox includes abstaining from a substance, in this case cannabis or THC, in order to cleanse your system. If you’re not using cannabis, your body will be able to drain THC out of your bloodstream. This procedure could be simulated. If you’re looking for some effective THC detox methods, check out this article at https://www.orlandomagazine.com/best-thc-detox-methods-how-to-get-weed-out-of-your-system/ which offers several tips and tricks to help you flush THC out of your system faster.