NHGRI publishes overview about IGNITE

The Implementing Genomic in Practice (IGNITE) Network was established in 2013 (RFA-HG-12-006RFA-HG-12-007 and RFA-HG-13-004) to develop methods for incorporating genomic information into clinical care and explore the methods for effective implementation, diffusion, and sustainability in diverse clinical settings. The first phase of the network, IGNITE I, was a consortium of collaborative genomic medicine pilot Demonstration Projects designed to demonstrate the feasibility of, and develop methods for, incorporating an individual patient’s genomic findings into his or her clinical care.

The next phase of IGNITE, IGNITE II (RFA-HG-17-008RFA-HG-17-009, and RFA-HG-17-010) will support a network of multi-site Clinical Groups (CGs) involving diverse settings and populations to conduct 2-3 pragmatic clinical trials of genomic medicine interventions.

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