IGNITE Diversity & Inclusion Statement

The IGNITE Network Leadership calls for Diversity and Inclusion in the conduct of research

We call on scientific and medical communities to acknowledge and work toward eliminating the injustices perpetuated through all forms of systemic racism and discrimination, both past and present, overt and covert. We condemn eugenic beliefs, policies, and practices. While ancestry has some genetic underpinnings, race is a social construct. Thus, we recognize the consequences of racism and bias on health, healthcare, and research.

To provide more equitable care and improve health for all communities, researchers must investigate and address the causes of health disparities and include more diverse people as study leaders and participants. We commit to working hand-in-hand with patients and advocates from underserved communities to ensure that research is performed, published and applied in an ethical, unbiased, trustworthy and inclusive manner.

Striving for an equitable future, we endorse anti-racist and anti-discriminatory policies in healthcare and research. To develop a culture of understanding and inclusiveness that extends to the diverse communities we are privileged to serve, we must also foster diversity in our own institutions.

This statement and the actions that follow are the foundations of a durable process in the pursuit of health equity.