IGNITE GDP Network Support Groups

Administrative Coordinating Center

Housed within the Duke Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine, the overarching goal of the Administrative Coordinating Center (ACC) was to ensure the success of IGNITE in designing, implementing and completing its genomic demonstration projects. The ACC provided a wide range of supporting activities including

  • Optimizing the coordination of the network through streamlined administrative and communication functions
  • Fostering and enhancing the collaborations within the network
  • Developing and cultivating collaborative opportunities with other networks through IGNITE ambassadors, IGNITE presentations, and video dissemination
  • Fostering affiliate memberships

PIs: Geoff Ginsburg and Lori Orlando

Website and SPARK Toolbox Management and Dissemination

Housed within the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, the overarching goal of was to maintain an online presence that engages a broad range of stakeholders and disseminates IGNITE Network findings and resources in order to support adoption of genomic medicine.  The Website team provided a wide range of supporting activities including:

  • Improving and increasing the visibility and knowledge transfer to the genomic medicine community at large
  • Developing, identifying, curating and disseminating a broad range of tools for implementation, research, practice and education
  • Communicating and disseminating knowledge beyond the network via a strong online presence

PI: Kristin Weitzel